Recent Predread 1/700 scratchbuilds"

I have this vision of a near-global conflict around 1899, inspired by a quip and picture of "The Great Naval War of 1898" in Paul Hague's "Seabattles in Miniature", which was a very influential book for me.

The French battleship Juariguiberry

The French battleship Massena - an odd, and unsuccessful ship

The French battleship Charles Martel. This is actually a Yumantu resin kit - not worth the $80 for which it retails.

The French battleship Marceau - one of a trio of near-sisters that took at least 10 years each to build

The French battleship Brennus. A left turn to the right direction for the French, after the Marceau and before the Martel, but a direction they chose not to pursue.

The French coastal battleship Amiral Trehuart

The French armored cruiser Chanzy

The French protected cruiser Du Chyla

The Russian protected cruiser Amiral Kornilov

The US battleship Iowa

The British battleship Ramillies

The British battleship Rodney

The Spanish armored cruiser Carlos V

The Spanish protected cruiser Lepanto - found to be too incomplete (and problematic) to accompany Camara's squadron (in real history)