Duquesna Santa Anna

Duquesna Santa Anna was a 900 ton hulk (urca) in Don Pedro de Valdes Andalusian squadron. During the Armada campaign, she fell astern of the Armada during the night of 3/4 August. The next morning was windless, but she was attacked by Hawkin's squadron, which used ships' boats to tow their galleons into action. Eventually she was towed away by one of the great galleases.

As the Armada was blown up around Scotland, the Santa Anna strayed from the main body. Eventually she came to anchor in Elly Bay on the west coast of Ireland some time around September 14th. There she was joined by survivors from the Rata Santa Maria Encoronada, which had been wrecked to the south. She sailed again, but was blown back northward, and on the 26th came to grief in Lougrhos Mor Bay. Her survivors and those of the Rata fortified a nearby ruined castle, but eventually set out overland to board the galleas Girona, which had anchored in a bay 19 miles away.

The Girona, too beat up to try the open Atlantic, attempted to make for Scotland, but was wrecked off Lacada Point. Few if any of Duquesna Santa Anna's men survived

This is the complete kit, built out-of-the-box. She measures 7 1/2" from the tip of the bowsrite to the taffrail, 4 7/8" on the waterline, stands 6 7/8" tall as built, and weighs 10.8 oz.
I am going to go back and put some fluff into the sails now that I have figured out how to bend them.

Close-up view of the port stern-gallery and mast detail.

Off the starboard bow, showing forecastle and anchor.

Starboard quarter, showing stern.

Port quarter view.

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