Merrimack 1/300 Armada Galleons

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Back Row: White Bear,la Rata Santa Maria Encoronada, Racebuilt Galleon
Middel Row: San Martin, Duquesna Santa Ana
Front Row: Revenge,San Marcos, Santa Catalina

I have now completed ten of these models, as seen above. Each model has its own page, below!

Duquesna Santa Anna
San Martin
San Marcos
Racebuilt Galleon
White Bear
Santa Catalina
La Rata Santa Maria Encoronada
San Luis
Large Elizabethan Galleon

Scratchbuilds and Plastic Kits

Scratchbuilt 1060 ton hulk El Gran Grin
Scratchbuilt 500 ton galleon - San Pedro
Scratchbuilt galley
Small Galleon
Small Galleon
Caravella Patache
Lapaloma Blanca

Click here for a quick and dirty summary of the Armada campaign.