El Gran Grin

El Gran Grin was a huge (1160 ton) Baltic hulk merchantman armed for the Armada. She was considered one of the front-line fighting ships, and became the flagship of the Biscay squadron in August. She was involved in the early fighting off Plymouth, and probably in the thick of things at Gravelines.

Being heavily damaged in the fighting, Gran Grin rounded Scotland, and was in sinking condition when she was blown onto the Irish coast. The vessel ran aground in Clew Bay, and broke up rapidly. Most of her 100 or so survivors were later killed on Clare Island by a local Irish warlord.

Overhead view.

Side view of the scratchbuilt ship. This model actually started life as a Sterling Spanish Galleon kit from the 1950's, but was so heavily modified that little is recognizable. Only the basic hull, decks and masts remain of the original kit. The upperworks have been heavily modified, and the sails are from a Lindberg Revenge kit. The model is is 8 1/2" long from bowsprit to tip of boneventure mizzen lateen, 7 1/2" tall, 5 3/4" 1/2" on the waterline.

Port Quarter.

Port bow.


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