La Rata Santa Maria Encoronada

Rata was a medium-large (820 ton) grain carrier merchantman armed for the Armada. She was considered one of the front-line fighting ships, and was particularly heavily armed. As part of the Armada's battle plan, a pair of galleases were detailed to tow her into battle if need be. During the night of August 3/4, this happened, as Rata was towed to the rear of the Spanish fleet in order to come to the rescue of several galleons that had fallen behind.

Rata was separated from the main body of the Armada as they rounded Scotland. On September 17th she put into Blacksod Bay on the west coast of Ireland in search of fresh water. Unfortunately she anchored in a rip-tide and dragged her anchor, eventually going hard aground. Most of her compliment got ashore, and the ship was fired to prevent capture. The men then marched overland to join the Duquesna Santa Ana's crew.

This is the hull, primed.

Side view of the finished kit. This model is 8 3/8" long from bowsprit to tip of boneventure mizzen lateen, 6 3/4" tall, 5 1/2" on the waterline and weighs 12.1 ounces.

Painted hull.

Overhead view.

Starboard bow.

Starboard quarter.