San Marcos

San Marcos was one of the galleons taken from the Portuguese when Spain overran that country in 1580. She was a medium-large galleon of about 790 tons and 33 guns. Sailing with the Medina Sedonia in the Squadron of Portugal, she was active all the way up the channel. On the 2nd of August, during the battle off Portland Bill, San Marcos was one of the first ships to come to the aid of the flagship San Martin. After the fireship attack at Calais on August 8th/9th, she was one of the six or so galleons that held off the English fleet off Gravelines while the Armada reformed. There she took a severe pounding.

After passing around Scotland, San Marcos was probabably one of a group of 13 or so ships, all either badly damaged or poor sailers, that were blown far to the north of the Armada's main track. Her subsequent fate is not known, but some survivors note that she was with a group that was near Iceland at one point. She did not return to Spain, nor touch at Ireland. She probably foundered some time in the second or third week of September.

The model is 7 5/8" from bowsprit to the tip of the boneventure mizzen yard, 7 1/8" tall, 5 1/8" on the waterline, and weighs 9.8 oz.
This is the hull, painted.

Side view, finished kit.

Starboard quarter.

Starboard bow.


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