German and French 1/600 Cruisers

German Protected Cruiser Kaiserin Augusta

German Protected Cruiser Prinzess Wilhelm

German Protected Cruiser Gefion

German Cruiser Cormoran

German Armored Cruiser Scharnhorst

German Armored Cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau

German Cruiser Bremen

French Raiding Cruiser Chatearenault

French Armored Cruiser Jeanne D'Arc

French Armored Cruiser Edgar Quinet

French Protected Cruiser Jurien De La Graviere

Kaisarin Augusta side view

Prinzess Wilhelm side view

Gefion side view

Cormoran side view

Scharnhorst side view

Bremen side view

Chateaurenault side view

Jeanne D'Arc side view

Edgar Quinet side view

Jurein De La Graviere side view