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Its Here! The new Rod Langton 1/300 French Brig! I will be featuring pictures here as I build it!

This is the bare hull, fresh out of the box.

This is the whole kit unpacked, except for some of the sails.

A comparison with the Langton USS Wasp and HMS Juno

Feb 08: The hull is now primed. I have used a razor and fine file to clean the flash out of the gunports.

Feb 08: The main and foremasts are now assembled.

Close-up of the main fighting top. For added strength at the joint of the lower and topmasts, I tie a thin length of string around the joint and soak it in superglue. Not historic, but it protects a weak spot very well.

Close-up of one of the crosstrees. These come in two pieces per mast

Feb 10: Inside portions of the hull painted. I chose a wicker for the deck, yellow ochre for insides of the bulwarks, buff for hammock nettings and azure blue for strakes. Deck details are in a dark brown.

Next steps include finishing the deck detailing, then adding guns and crew. Due to the amount of handling it will get, I will paint the outside of the hull as late as possible to minimize wear on the paint job.

Masts and jib boom now painted. I used a Games Workshop brown ink on the lower masts and jib boom, and charcole black on the topgallent masts, outer part of the boom, and the lower mast rings.

Next steps include readying the masts for rigging by adding some of the initial blocks, etc.

Feb. 12: Much of the deck detail has now been added, but not yet completely painted or weathered.

Next steps include staining and detailing the decking, adding carronades and then crew.

Feb 12: jib boom, jib sail, catheads and other deck details now added.

I drilled small holes in the head gratings and the gammon knee so I could pass a string through, which I tied up on the top of the jib boom very near the joint to the bow bulwarks. Coated in superglue, this adds strength to the joint. I also drilled a hole through the cutwater, which I will use later in rigging the jibboom.

On the jibsail, I drilled two small holes between the yard and the furled sail, one to either side of the mounting chock. Once I glued the jibsail onto the jibboom, I passed a string through these holes and up over the jibboom, where I tied it off and glued the knot. Again, extra strength for the joint. Eventually I will do every yard like this.

Next steps include readying the masts for rigging by adding some of the initial blocks, etc.

Feb. 13: More deck detailing. Carronades and chase guns have been added. The final armament is 14 24 pdr carronades and 2 8 pdr long guns. I have left the bridle ports unoccupied, as the French typically did. Note: I painted the upper part of the hull red prior to adding the guns. In doing so, I have finished the painting around the gunports. This is important, as it is very difficult to do so AFTER the guns have been added and are sticking their muzzles through the ports!

Next steps include adding crew.

Feb. 15: Most of the gun crew added. For now, I will move on from the crew to the next thing, but later I will come back and add more crew to the guns, as well as marines, officers, and topmen.

Feb. 15: Since most of my British ships man to starboard, I decided to make my French man to Port. To mount them, I snip off as much of the base as possible, trying to leave only the amount under the shoes/feet. Then I paint the remainder of the base the same color as the deck, then glue each one on with Superglue. Look crowded? There are only 27 figures in this picture! Imagine the full crew. I try to get 3-4 men to each gun. Less does not look realistic, and more figures obscure the guns completely.

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