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April 12: More progress. The Jibsails have been hung, as well as the rest of the foresails.

Close up of some of the foremast rigging, showing the lifts running up through blocks out to the tips of the yards. Note that the "Hairy" look continues.

Next steps will be to paint the channels and chains, and secure the mast with shrouds, and then step the Mainmast.

Meanwhile, off camera, painting of the mainsails is underway.

April 13: Main mast has been stepped, and the sails have been added. Lifts have been rigged on this mast now, as well as some other running rigging. Some of the shrouds have been added to the fore mast. By pulling the shrouds taught, the jib lines have been pulled taught as well.

Next steps will be to continue rigging the running and standing rigging.

April 19: Nearly finished! Main sails, spanker, shrouds, lifts, stays and other rigging, as well as the ratlines have been added.

View from astern

Close-up from off the port bow. Hull has been fully painted now.

Close-up from off the port quarter.

Next steps will be to add a littel more rigging, put second coat of paint on hull, touch up where paint has already worn away, and add more crew.

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