Wargaming on the Great Lakes!

1/1200 Scale Models from Rod Langton

These are the models I am using for the Battle of Lake Champlain, September 11, 1814.
Type Tons Armament Model Picture Comments
Downie's English Squadron
Confiance Frigate 1200 31 x 24-pdr
6 x 32-pdr C
NB49 36 Gun Frigate at Quarters
with F B-ES1A Sails
Though rather shallower, above the water line this ship was little different from ocean going frigates
Linnet Brig 350 16 x 12-pdr Napoleonic Series Brig with ES1A Sails I used the NB Brig just to throw in a little variation. It has a fo'castle, so it could be used for Onieda
Chubb Sloop 112 1 x 6-pdr
10 x 18-pdr C
GL-5 Sloop
Finch Sloop 110 1 x 18-pdr
4 x 6-pdr
6 x 18-pdr C
GL-5 Sloop
Macdonough's American Squadron
Saratoga Corvette 734 8 x 24-pdr
6 x 42-pdr C
12 x 32-pdr C
GL-12 26 Gun Ship This ship probably did not have quarter galleries or a cutwater knee/beakhead. These can be ground-off this model, but I have chosen not to at this point.
Ticonderoga Schooner 350 8 x 12 pdr
4 x 18-pdr
5 x 32-pdr C
Napoleonic Series Schooner with Sails Set This model is somewhat bigger than the Great Lakes series schooners, but then Ticonderoga was big for a schooner
Eagle Brig 500 8 x 18-pdr
12 x 32-pdr C
GL-6 Brig This model could also be used for Jones, Jefferson, Niagara and Lawrence
Preble Sloop 80 7 x 9-pdr GL-5 Sloop

C under armament means carronades
Models do not come with bases, ratlines or rigging thread