1/300 Napoleonic ships

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I have been building 1/300 scale ships for a number of years, after having been originally inspired by Ted Roy's ships on his now defunct sites. I think I salivated over the Langton cutter for two years before I decided to try my hand.

These galleries contain shots of my Langton's and my scratchbuild/kitbashes.

All ships in these pictures are Rod Langton kits if indicated, or are otherwise scratchbuilt hulls with masts and sails kitbashed from commercial plastic kits.

English cutter. This is a Rod Langton Model
16 gun Dutch brig. You can see another view here, and a picture of the hull being built here
The American privateer Fly
English Archer class gunbrig, 10 guns
A 7-gun Dutch schooner gunboat
The French gunbrig Creche Fue. This was an early invasion craft... not really seaworth
French Pram. This is another invasion craft. It really amounts to a 117' landing barge rigged as a corvette. It carries 12 x 24pdrs
The notorious American privateer Prince de Neufchatel
The French corvette Babet. You can see a close-up of the hull under construction here and here.
A schooner made from a 1/96th scale ship's boat
A xebec that started as a Lindberg Barbary Pirate kit, redone with scratchbuilt masts and sails. More views here and here
The American Lake Ontario brig Oneida
Langton Cruizier class brig. I lost the bowsprit, so had to substitute my own.
Langton French brig La Curieuse. Click here to see this model being built
French 40 gun frigate
Scratchbuilt lugger
32 gun frigate. This is converted from a Lindberg USS Constellation kit. The decks and stern are scratchbuilt. This is probably not worth the effort, but I just wanted to see how it would come out.
Langton sloop USS Wasp, showing some shelf-wear.
USS Java, a 44 gun frigate completed during the war of 1812, but never tested in combat.
A Pyro/Heller/Life-like/Lindberg Brig-of-War kit, with additional sails. This ship is roughly 1/300, but makes for a rather tubby ship.