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Scratchbuilt Juariguiberry in 1/700

A flight of Japanese Oscars peels off to attack. 1/144 Reviresco aircraft on Top Gun stands

The German WWI armed merchant cruiser Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse in 1/600.

French ironclads Alma and Ocean and the British Audacious in 1/600.

Obscure interwar American bombers in 1/144.

Not scratchbuilt, but fun anyway: 28mm Perry's plastic ACW confederates.

A 1/144 Boulton-Paul Defiant passes in front of a bevy of scratchbuilt 1/700 French predreads.

A bevy of 1/1200 German WWI ships, plus USS Oklahoma in her 1941 guise.

A Polykarpov R-5 in 1/144.

A Mitsubishi Raiden (Jack) in 1/600.

More scratchbuilt 1/144: German AGO CII pushers and British and French Breguet Michelin pushers mix it up.

A Jasta in hand. These are a mixture of scratchbuilt, Red Eagle (Skytrex) and Reviresco kits.

Vendel Persian Immortals in 28mm.

Not scratchbuilt, but something I dabble in... 1/1200 Len Jordan kits. This is SS Gothic from about 1958.

Scratchbuilt 1/1200 Soviet Kashin class destroyer.
Last work done: May 18th, 2008

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