My Twelve Basic Tenants of Star Trek

I have been a fan of Star Trek for 40 years. I watched the original series as a kid, and I have loved starships ever since. There has always been at least one trek related model in my house since 1966. Even in the darkest earliest days of my marriage, when we were poor students living in married housing, we used a Klingon Battlecruiser as our group-ship when playing Traveller.

I have played a lot of starship games in my time but my favorite is Full Thrust. Since the mid '90's I have been unable to look at any Star Trek ship without generating some sort of Full Thrust statistics in my head, or on paper.

I have also been scratchbuilding Star Trek ships since the mid '90's (ya, to go along with my Full Thrust). As a result of all these influences, I have developed a few personal tenants regarding Trek starships. I will eventually develop a full page for each tenant. You may like them or hate them. Here in my house, its my game.

The Tenants:

1.There are economic considerations in the Federation
2.Starfleet is of finite size
3.Starship technology can be defined in successive generations
4.The nomenclature for describing starships changes over generations, but the roles themselves do not
5.I do not care for shuttles as fighters
6.I dislike the practice of cut-and-paste designs
7.All canon Federation ships have rational explanations
8.Ongoing war discourages rather than encourages new ship designs
9.Starfleet is not the only Federation starship designer <-- new 6/9/06
10.I don't care about registry numbers
11.Odd numbers of nacelles are OK
12.There is no one non-canon background I like. I like little pieces of several