Here are CUMBERLAND and GALENA with most of their paint. Note that CUMBERLAND's gunports have been lightly marked in pencil. GALENA has received her foremast and bowsprit.
More progress on both ships. GALENA has received shrouds, davits, tower thingy supports, and ventilators. The ventilators are cut-off pins. GALENA's shrouds appear to have been fixed directly to the bulwarks, or maybe inside them. When this is the case, I use ultra-thin piano wire. I used the same material for the davits and supports.

CUMBERLAND has received gunport lids in the closed position. These are made of pre-painted strips of cardstock cut to size. Deck details on the CUMBERLAND are pre-painted 1/32" balsa.

Here CUMBERLAND has received her channels (from thin balsa strip), a capstan (plastic sprue) and a bowsprit of heavy gauge wire. In fact, I later changed it out for something lighter and thinner.
Here is a top view of GALENA. Note the unusual tumblehome. She has now received her boats, and a rough version of the tower thingy. I have pretty much decided that the tower thingy is a bridge-on-a-stick.